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"knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" -aristotle


January 2017

There’s a Story Behind Every Name.

Now that you know why I want to write my blog {see my previous post “Fearless Foreword”} let me tell you how it got the name.

I spent a lot of time thinking about powerful and meaningful words or phrases. All lacked power and meaning without a personal story behind them. I wanted to make sure if I was going to be vulnerable and honest that everything about this would be meaningful to me. I want this to represent who I am, how I became this person, and what I want to share.

So…. Fearless Whiskey Wisdom.

Here’s the whole story.

I was younger, naïve, and didn’t not know much about the world at all. I didn’t know about college, growing up, or what I was getting myself into. I learned some things easily and others the hard way in the time frame of a few years. I made some wise decisions and some not so wise. One night, while I was dating one of those not so wise decisions, I wanted my closest friends to meet him so we went to see a movie. My friend Taylor brought her friend Tim and needless to say he wasted no time telling me that my boyfriend was beyond terrible. Tim was blunt and painfully honest after two short hours of knowing me.

Turns out that he was always that blunt, never held back, and said what people needed to hear. He didn’t care what other people thought about him, he did what was right. He cared so much for other people and went above and beyond to be there for them despite everything he dealt with himself.

Knowing this about Tim, the next week I had a lot going on and solicited advice from him. We talked on the phone for three hours about everything that I was dealing with. He quickly became my confidant after that night. I went to him for everything because he always listened, cared, and wasn’t afraid to tell me what I needed to hear.

Tim was there though my best and worst moments, always forgave me, and never thought any less of me. We lost touch for a little while then ran into each other at a concert (shocking I know). We had not spoken in a while and he said “Hey Princess” in a crowd behind me like nothing had changed. Our friendship picked up right where it left off because he was just that type of person. Always forgiving, kind, and willing to share his wisdom. I called him after work every day to catch up during my commute home. Most of those conversations started out with non-stop venting and sharing frustrations. He would listen patiently then ask “So what are you gonna do about it” then tell me “Okay, now you know what you have to do, you just admitted it. Now do it. Go for it. You got this”. His words and wisdom always resonated with me and kept me going.

I will never forget that paralyzing feeling….like my heart was being ripped out as I heard confirmation that I lost my best friend. Those words don’t even come close to adequately describing the feeling.

I physically lost Tim last June but he is still always with me. I will never forget our last conversation about things in life that now seem so stupid. The very last thing he said to me was  “Go for it, do what scares you the most. Don’t do what’s comfortable. Wherever you wanna go, whatever you wanna do, whoever you wanna be, Go for it, do it, be fearless”.

A lot of the experiences I will share throughout this blog will include him or wisdom he shared with me. I shared some of my best times with him and he got me through some of my worst. I look back on so many life changing moments and decisions I’ve made in the past and he was there. Sitting at the table with a smirk on his face, giving me hell, with a glass of whiskey, a head full of wisdom, and a heart that was fearless.



fearless foreword.


  1.  the action of introducing something.
  2. a formal presentation of one person to another, in which each is told the other’s name.

synonyms: establishment, initiation, launch, foundation, foreword

So… I have wanted to write a blog for some time now. It has been sitting on my list of goals with a vacant box next to it. A blog felt like a fulfilling way to put some of my thoughts into words and share my experiences. I have learned many lessons the hard way. If I can help just one person by sharing those lessons in these posts then this blog will have a purpose.


There is value in sharing your life with others. I am an advocate of giving feedback and providing advice so people can learn from each other’s mistakes. I always strive to listen to others experiences, learn, and do right by them. I am always willing to share my own as well.


I think my desire to write a blog, especially now, also comes from my passion for school. I enjoy learning, growing, and sharing. I do not have the opportunity to write as much now that I am {finally} done with school. This is bittersweet for me since I have been in school my entire life. I have been in a classroom since preschool up until last month and in college for the past seven years straight.


Most of you know me so this post is an introduction to my blog but I would like to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me. I graduated from Kennesaw State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication in May 2015. I took the entire month of June off from life to travel and have a break. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. {Do not worry, you will hear all about that later} In July, I started my full-time job at The Fox Theatre and graduate school at KSU. It was non-stop after that with work, school, and trying to still have a life in the midst of working, weekend classes, papers, projects, and everything else. I graduated in December 2016 with my Master’s Degree in Conflict Management.

If you asked me two years ago where I would be today, I would have never guessed I would be here. I mean that in the best way. I have gone through the most uncertainty and changes over the past two years. There were times when I sat and felt so overwhelmed. I got through a lot of those moments by listening to music and reading about people who went through similar experiences. I want to catalog  lessons and experiences from my past, present, and future in hopes of helping someone else be fearless.


I know the blog’s name has probably created some curiosity.  Stay tuned… that will be my next post. The name came from a specific memory with a specific person. The person and story both mean so much to me and I can’t wait to share it with you.


This is the beginning… I am finally making it a reality and checking this box on my list.

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